Algerian Shatiteha Chicken

Algerian Shatiteha Chicken

  • Four pieces of medium size chicken or medium size whole chicken cut into four pieces. 
  • A cup and a half of fresh lemon juice, squeeze well and filter well.
  •  Head of dry garlic, medium size. 
  • A spoonful of fine salt, preferably sifted from impurities.
  •  Tablespoon of black pepper. Half a tablespoon of finely ground ground ginger.
  •  Half a teaspoon of ground cumin. 
  • Half a teaspoon of saffron to give color.
  •  A small bite of parsley leaves.
  •  Pure corn oil. 
  • A cup of dry chickpeas, preferably soaked for a period. Mixed spices or spices to taste.
  • Canned dried tomatoes.
How to prepare

  •  put a large bowl over low heat, then put some oil and salt in it, and put the chicken pieces and stir quietly until they change color and fry on all sides. 
  • Soak saffron hairs with water, then mash them well and add them to the chicken. 
  • Mash the garlic well, and add it to the chicken with chickpeas, mixed spices, pepper, ginger and cumin.
  •  Add the dry tomatoes to the chicken, also stirring, until everything mixes together. 
  • After adding all the ingredients to the chicken, cover the saucepan and leave it over low heat, stirring from time to time, and if necessary, add some water to the pot so that the chicken does not stick to it. 
  • Finely chop the parsley, and then set it aside. 
  • After completing the preparation of the sandwich, put some chicken pieces in a serving dish, sprinkle them with parsley, and serve with crunchy white rice or municipal bread.
Bon Appetite

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